Although the start of the day  wasn’t going the way I expected it to be however the outcome still turned out to be perfect. The moments I spent on this two day trip to Llandudno which is the North side of Wales was just unforgettable. I spent my two hours of journey researching all the attractions while my siblings were enjoying their time with my parents. As soon as we reached our destination we went for a walk to the Great Orme. The Great Orme is Llandudno’s prominent limestone headland. Being right at the top felt amazing, the view was stunning I discovered so many hidden beauty of this place. Later, we went to the Lindens hotel as soon as I took my first step I could feel the sprit. The owner was so generous, the service was definitely  worth the price it was so modern and also had that luxury touch to it. Lindens was just 3 minutes away from the sea front so we ended up going for a walk every night. These night walks were just beautiful as we could track the moonlight on the water. Next warm afternoon we spend the day at the pier where the fresh crunchy fish was sold and had fun time at the  games arcade. Mid evening we had a stroll down the long , tight, vintage road buildings were old made with grey and brown bricks as we walked further down the buildings got more colourful and still had the vintage style. Dad saw a ice cream parlour. OK! This was more than an ice cream parlour. Their desserts were delicious and so in trend. I had a grate time with my family.  Hoping to revisit this place over summer and explore the attractions that I haven’t yet seen.


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